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Why Allsorted?

So what’s the Allsorted ‘story’?

Who are we, where are we coming from, where are we going?

Allsorted aims to be the best distributor of gift books and beautiful stationery in Britain and Ireland. We help customers to be successful by maximising profit from their valuable space. We love books & stationery, and we believe they make really great gifts.

Allsorted is actually a relatively new distribution company – we have been trading since January 2011. However, the business does have strong ‘roots’. Do you know Helen Exley’s giftbooks? Exley Publications are arguably the worlds leading publisher of giftbooks – started back in 1976 – and with sales of 100 million books worldwide through the years. Allsorted Ltd was started by Lincoln Exley (Helen Exley’s son), and financed and supported by Exley’s. Having spent 28 years selling gift books for the family firm, with perhaps as good an understanding of the gift book market as anyone – Lincoln spotted a huge gap and opportunity in the UK market for a distribution company that matches the right product to the right place at the right time…. and in doing so helps solve customers needs.

Allsorted uses ‘platform’ of systems and warehousing capability, as well as a sales and sales support team: who collectively have over 150 years’ experience between them working the book or card for publishers. What this means for you is that your buying process is supported by a small and dedicated, experienced, competent, trustworthy team of people who know about the business. Thankfully our customers think we have some really fresh ideas and new directions.

We are a small business and are growing fast. Most of our existing customers are significantly growing their sales with our books. Many of our potential customers have not yet ever sold books, though many have sold some posh stationery. We see tremendous opportunities for retailers of gifts to grow their sales of books & stationery, and we hope we can help them to be more and more successful.