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Are you missing out on sales of Adult Colouring books?

There is a huge craze and trend towards adult colouring books sweeping Britain, and indeed worldwide. Fans say they are the ultimate relaxation and a good old-fashioned antidote to stresses of modern life and so-called ‘tech stress’. Many see a connection with the trend towards ‘mindfulness’ as it helps unwind your mind and connect with your inner self. For others it is simply a bit of fun and ‘escapism’. Whatever the motivation for those of us who are buying adult colouring books, one thing is for certain, they make for fantastic and very popular gifts. These books are riding high week after week in the paperback non-fiction bestseller lists. Publishers are constantly running out of stock as they struggle to keep up with demand. At Allsorted Ltd we have taken the initiative and beefed up our inventory with the titles that are selling fastest in the gift trade. The likely result of your stocking more adult colouring books would be a healthy extra spike in sales, so if you need stock quickly and easily, then please get in touch!