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What's in it for you

Best distributor ever!  

How would you use your valuable time, if we could help you reduce the amount of admin you have to do?
Allsorted is a ‘one-stop-paper-shop’ for retailers who sell gifts.  You can source all-in-one from multiple publishers, manufacturers and brands with just

  • one order
  • one delivery
  • one invoice
  • one payment
  • and with one visit from a committed and experienced rep or only one visit to our website.

With this ‘one-stop’ solution you’ll be ‘all-sorted’ - and so, in the goodness of time - this will help you:

  • Increase your sales 
  • save you time, fix your problems, and give you fewer headaches
  • de-risk your business

Increase Your Sales

How much more could you sell from your limited space?
Allsorted helps match the right product to the right place and help increases your sales:

  • add more best-sellers to your product mix
  • don’t lose out on sales of your best lines because you are struggling to make up minimum orders from lots of different suppliers
  • power your sales and create a buzz with a constant stream of exciting new things that are really fresh and different.

You might ask yourself:

  • What are my most successful products?  How can I get more of something similar?
  • What new products/titles/brands would increase our sales?  Or give me a completely new revenue stream altogether?
  • Am I losing sales of a particular product/s that my customers are asking you for?
  • What's the value of lost sales on bestselling items in between making up the minimum orders we place with other suppliers?

Fewer Headaches

What is the true ‘value’ to you of consolidating some of your buying?

Allsorted helps you:

  • fix your problems searching for lots of different and saleable products from disparate sources
  • you are ‘all sorted’ with just one visit from a dedicated and experienced sales rep or just one visit to our website
  • saves you time with all your administration: just one order to place, one delivery to check in, one invoice to look at and one payment to make.
  • bigger assortments and better displays to give you a good plan for merchandising - helping you keep things ‘ship-shape’ – with a place for everything and everything in it’s place.

You might ask yourself:

  • How many different companies do we buy from?  How many different reps and agents do I see? 
  • What are the hidden costs to my business of having to deal with so many suppliers?
  • If I saw fewer suppliers - and streamlined buying - how much time could I save?  And how could I better use that extra time?

De-risk your business

What if you could minimise making costly mistakes?

As well as increasing sales, don’t take too many big risks, we will help you:

  • buy the ‘best of the best’ – best sellers that are tried and tested!  And proven brands too!
  • we may offer ‘sale or exchange’ on specific agreed lines, on occasion, if and when we make a mistake strongly recommending lines that really don’t sell in your store
  • if you are not sure about something new to you, and want to test it, you can order in 3’s, or even in one’s so you won’t be sitting on lots of stock until you know it sells well
  • we can help you match the right product to the right place at the right time - our sales teams of 11 people collectively have 136 years’ experience in gift books, stationery and or paper products – we’re trustworthy and knowledgeable!

You might ask yourself:

  • What would be the implication to my business if I could reduce the amount of cash tied up in slow selling lines?
  • What if would happen to sales if we had less space given over to slow selling product?
  • How can I find saleable product from a trustworthy source?