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Which display

What is the best way to display and merchandise book products?
Which display should I choose? 

There is no simple universal answer to these eternal questions  ….it all depends on your particular retail offer, setting and environment.  For some retailers it’s wall space ….for others it’s spinners …for some it’s tables …for others it’ll be all about mixing and matching a particular book to a particular product grouping.  Allsorted is here to help you to be successful, by getting the very best out of the spaces you have available for these products – your table tops or your shelf space, and every pocket of a spinner.  So we can help you figure out what is the best way for you. 

Better Displays

What if you could increase your stock turns if we gave you better displays?

Allsorted offers a better range of displays than our competitors – whether they are other wholesalers or publishers – to help you maximise sales.

You can get help with all sorts of display solutions:

  • bookcases
  • shelves to slot into existing slatwall (if you have it)
  • table-tops table spinners
  • floor spinners
  • counter-displays 
  • and Allsorted can fit a ‘book corner’ in your store – and or  - a corner gift stationery, if you want to add a new dimension to the way you use your store

You might like to ask yourself:

  • What do I think would be the most space-efficient way to display these products in my store?
  • Where is the best spot to maximise impulse sales?
  • What area of the shop is struggling?  …would a new display solution help fix the problem?
  • Could not having truly effective displays mean I’m losing valuable sales?

Displays are added value for you, usually included the cost of products, with displays free-on-loan until you want to return them to us and get an upgrade.

If you have a particular display in mind, there is usually a variety of assortments available for you to order with it: and this can be quick and easy to do.  And sometimes there is also a ‘planogram’ available with a suggested merchandising solution to go with the assortment, and to help get you started. And ofcourse we can always tailor a planogram to suit your product selection.

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