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Why assortments

What if you could buy just the right money-making products with much less trouble?
Allsorted likes to offer the biggest range of assortments for you choose from because: 

  • This gives you the ‘best of the best’ products that are tried and tested, which helps to de-risk the buying process for you
  • This is a quick way for you to get started now
  • Adding a good selection of a product category you need for your store is a great way to increase your sales
  • Assortments are a ‘plan’ – a good step forward - that we have designed to help you… it’s easy, and won’t take too much extra work for you

You can choose assortments by:

  • Particular product type
  • That have been successful in other types of store like yours
  • By occasion or special promotion to quickly make the most of an opportunity
  • You can get help with plans to fit a specific space or display in your store

You might like to ask yourself:

  • What products am I doing best with now that I need more of?
  • Are there any particular products areas that I’m struggling with?  ….or perhaps even missing out on altogether?
  • Do I have a problem that needs fixing for any particular types of customer?  …. Am I short on product for a particular special occasion?
  • What would be the effect on my sales if I significantly increased the selection and variety of my offer with the right assortment?